Part of my ongoing efforts at is finding legitimate business opportunities with which to help people earn money at home and strengthen their own financial security.  In this age of growing automation and jobs being lost to outsourcing and advances in AI, I try to find ways in which people can grow their own wealth in order to be both independent and secure.  As a person who has been self employed since 2011, I know what it is like to struggle to succeed.  Under the category of Business I will share some of the discoveries I have made and the programs I am using to help build my own financial independence.  You are welcome to grow with me by joining my team.

One program I use is the Power Lead System.  The Power Lead System is a marketing platform consisting of quality Sales Funnels that can be adapted to market virtually any product or service, plus training to teach customers how to use the funnel system and how to market the system to earn affiliate commissions.  The affiliate sales side of the program offers generous commissions as well as passive income earning potential via 50% matching bonuses paid out based on team sales.  I find the earning potential of this program to be impressive, and it is currently one of the main programs I am focusing on.

The Power Lead System has three main entry points.  The first is the Gold Membership level which costs $53.97 per month plus $12.97 per year for your private domain which is used in the Sales Funnel system.  This entry point comes with the affiliate marketing program partially described above, plus the sales platform, plus the training materials, plus community support to help you use the system to market your own products and services as well as to earn commissions and bonuses by selling the system to other entrepreneurs.  If you build a good team using this program, both you and your team can go far.  To learn more about the Power Lead System, just click the link below:

Power Lead System

The second entry level is called the Lead Lightning System.  Lead Lightning is a simple and inexpensive way to earn affiliate commissions.  It does not come with the sales funnel system described above allowing entrepreneurs to sell unlimited products and services.  Rather it consists of a simple link one can promote to sell the Lead Lightning and Power Lead Systems to others.  The cost of the Lead Lightning program is modest; only $7 for life, allowing you to earn $6 commissions on sales.  You can start at this level and work your way up to Gold Membership if you like, or stay at the Lead Lightning level.  The Choice is yours.  To learn more about Lead Lightning, click the link below:

Lead Lightning System

The last and perhaps easiest entry point is called the Free Lead System.  The system is FREE for life and can be used to help gather leads for your online business opportunities.  You don’t earn any commissions at the Free Lead level, but you can develop a good lead gathering system over time.  You can remain at the Free Lead level for as long as you like, or you can also choose to upgrade to the Lead Lightning level whenever you wish.  For people who are unsure of the system or their own abilities to market it, this is the perfect entry level.  There is no financial risk what-so-ever, and it works on the same principle as Lead Lightning and Power Lead System.  Once you learn to successfully work the Free Lead System, you have the knowledge to work Lead Lightning and the Power Lead System as well.  To learn more about the Free Lead System, click the link below:

Free Lead System

I will be posting more extensively on these programs and others in the near future.  But for now that is a thumb nail sketch of some of the better home business opportunities I have found to date.  Thanks for your interest.  Look forward to connecting with you in the future!