Chris Voss: Never Split The Difference.

Chris Voss: Never Split The Difference.

In this presentation former FBI hostage negotiator Chris Voss shares his insights into conducting business negotiations more effectively.

Video Uploaded to YouTube by Talks At Google.


In the presentation above Chris Voss takes some of the lessons he learned as an FBI hostage negotiator and lays out how some of the same principles can be applied to our business relationships and even some of our personal relationships.  Some key takeaways include:

  • No is not the end of a conversation, but the beginning of a conversation.
  • There is more space between Yes and No than most people realize.
  • Being friendly helps the other person’s mind to operate at higher capacity.
  • A simple smile can help another person act and behave more intelligently towards you.


Want to learn more?  Chris Voss lays out his principles in a more complete manner in his book Never Split The Difference.  Available using the link below:


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