How To Make Money Giving Away Free Stuff.

How To Make Money Giving Away Free Stuff.

Yes You Can Make Money Giving Away Free Stuff.  Just Make Sure There’s An Upsale Opportunity Attached And That You Get Their Email Address.

Some people find it hard to make sales.  And lets face it, it can be difficult in this day and age making sales to a cold market.  That is where the attraction to offering a free product comes in.  Surely even the worst sales person can be successful giving away free stuff.  But how do you turn freebies into money in your pocket?  That’s the trick I will be discussing here, and it’s not as hard as it may seem.  But it does take time, patience, and discipline to accomplish this task.

The most obvious way to make money offering a free service or product is to make sure there is an upgrade opportunity attached to the product or built into the product.  It can be a free trial for something that runs for a certain length of time (and then requires payment for future use), or a free service which is free indefinitely, but which has attractive upsale perks available if the person wants to pay for an upgrade.  This is where I love the Free Lead System.  It is free for life and a person can use it indefinitely to generate leads from people who are opportunity seekers interested in starting or improving their own home business.  It is a nice product which I use in my own marketing efforts daily.  The paid perk is when the person wants to start earning commissions on sales as well as leads.  When they get to that point they have the option of making a one time $7 payment to upgrade themselves to the Lead Lightning System where they can begin to not only collect leads, but also earn $6 commissions on every $7 sale.  It’s a pretty nice deal that some people do take advantage of.  So that is way number one of earning money by giving away freebies.

The second way is more long term, but which can become all the more rewarding over time.  In this second approach you give away free products or services in exchange for the other person’s name and email address.  Once you get their email address it becomes part of your mailing list for similar paid products or services which you can then present to your prospects in the future.  By collecting names and email addresses and contacting these people wisely on a regular yet non spamy basis, you can slowly gain the trust and friendship of these people and begin the work of turning a cold market into a warm market.  Once potential customers warm up to you, then it is easier to convert these warm contacts into sales.

One thing I have begun to do is to connect with people on my mailing list in a cordial manner making sure they like their free product and inviting them to connect with me on social media or liking my fan page on Facebook.  Then, from time to time I send them offers that I feel they may be legitimately interested in;  something of value that is a paid product which may actually address a problem or need they may have in their own business.  Done right, this process gives strangers a chance to get to know you.  And, as long as you are not trying to spam them or take advantage of them, their trust for you builds and you gain greater and greater opportunities to make sales.  It involves getting to know your prospects and giving your prospects a chance to get to know you.  People are reluctant to buy from strangers online.  But they will be more likely to buy from a trusted friend.  Using a mailing list right allows you to turn strangers into friends and cold markets into hot sales.  So, if you can use free offers to persuade people to give you their contact information, you can be off to a profitable future.  Just make sure you do not abuse the information they trust you with and focus on building positive relationships with them.

So that’s two ways in which you can turn freebies into money in your pocket.  With a little imagination and creativity you can craft free offers that will not cost you anything but time (such as newsletters and ebooks).  There is also the Free Lead System mentioned above which I use.  It is free to join and use and comes with quick start instructions.  To get it, use the link below.



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