Is Success Ever Guaranteed?

Is Success Ever Guaranteed?

In online marketing we are often bombarded with income claims and implied guarantees of Success.  The truth is success depends on many factors including your own skills, train-ability, work ethic and whether or not there is even a market for what you have to offer.  Success is attainable and it is something we all strive for, but it is never guaranteed. 

Is Success Ever Guaranteed?

The simple answer is no.  As I stated in my previous article, I believe success is possible in my own life and I further believe that all of my goals are achievable.  But that does not mean I view success as something that is guaranteed to me either because of the programs I am in or my own personal attitudes concerning them.  True, we must believe success is possible before beginning a project or else our efforts will be doomed from the start.  But it is going to take more than just belief to make our dreams a reality.  It is also going to take hard work, determination, the cultivation of personal skills, training and whether or not there is even a demand for the product or service we offer.  There are also factors beyond our control that will play a part in our overall plans for success, and we must learn to take all of these factors into consideration while working our daily business plans.

My First Big Failure In Off-Line Business.

During the economic crash of 2007 to 2008 I had a great idea for a home business.  I live in an area that is dominated by retired people living on fixed incomes who need help doing their daily household chores.  So I thought I could hire myself out as a lawn care guy providing basic mowing and trimming services to people in my community.  I was willing to work hard and thought I had everything I needed to succeed in my plans.  But as it turned out, there were a few problems with my idea.

The first problem was that my idea was so good, several other able bodied guys had hit on it as well and began offering their services.  Where as previously there were not many ads for lawn care services in my general area at all, during the years of 2007 to 2008 there was suddenly a glut on the market.  It seemed every good ole boy with a lawn mower and a trailer was advertising their lawn care service, and we were all bidding against each other to get business.  Still, I was confident I could sell myself and the services I had to offer.

Then I became aware of a second more serious problem; namely my equipment or lack there of.  Unlike my competitors, I did not own a pick up truck, or a brush hog, or a trailer, or even a riding lawn mower.  What I had was a standard push lawn mower, a basic line trimmer and a station wagon to haul everything in.  I was pretty well set up to handle the “little old lady” accounts where the client needed help mowing a small yard (and actually in that niche I did rather well), but when asked to mow an area of land the size of an acre or more where the grass had grown nearly head high, I was faced with an impossible task.  And, in my rural area, there were far more requests to mow an acre or more than there were to manage small residential lots.  What also added to my difficulty in managing this off-line home business start up was the fact that many people who asked about lawn mowing also asked about my ability to haul away garbage that had built up on the sites.  Without a pick up truck and trailer, and no start up capital to use to buy them, I was just out of the market.

But I had drive and determination and kept trying to succeed by focusing on my strengths; namely the little old ladies who liked having their lawns cut by hand by a guy they felt they could trust.  It was enough to keep me in business (sometimes by the skin of my teeth) for a couple of seasons.  Then, I just had to face reality, and let it go.  It was my first major lesson in home business.

After that I began to focus on online business models.  In the beginning they all looked good, but over time only a hand full succeeded.  I learned from my successes and failures alike, and each new experience taught me the skills I needed to continue to move forward.  But the number one takeaway I would like to present here is, no matter how good or how brilliant a business idea may seem, there is absolutely no guarantee of success.  Some ideas may seem great but fail because there is no market to support it.  Other ideas may actually be great but fail due to lack of equipment, skills or know how.  And some business ideas may do fantastically well for several years and then suddenly run into problems because of changing market conditions, technology, or fluctuations in demand.  Many factors contribute to success, and we must learn to become mindful to all of them.  We must also be flexible enough to be able to change with the times as needed to keep our businesses afloat and in demand.  But, in the end, we are never guaranteed success.  The best we can do is to minimize our risks and continue to educate ourselves in how to become better business people; attracting success into our lives through honesty, committed efforts and hard work.  Eventually that hard work, properly directed, will pay off.  But, again, there are no guarantees.

Being an Entrepreneur is a life style in which we do enjoy a great amount of personal freedom.  We get to set our own hours and be our own bosses.  But we also assume a great deal of risk.  If a project fails, we have to be able to learn from that experience and move on.  When you are working for somebody else and your company shuts down, it is relatively easy to pound the pavement and find a new job.  But when you are your own company, you can’t be looking to other people to bail you out.  Instead you have to learn to run your business as best as is possible and have a back up plan in place in the event that things suddenly hit the skids.  In this entrepreneurial lifestyle there great opportunities for success, but no guarantees.  And the honest Entrepreneur needs to be clear about that fact right from the start.

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