Jobs That Will Disappear Due To AI.

Jobs That Will Disappear Due To AI.

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With the rapid advances in automation due to Industry 4.0, many jobs we have taken for granted over the past several decades are beginning to vanish.  Robots are taking over the jobs of line cooks.  Self driving cars will displace many in the transportation industry.  Even doctors and lawyers are beginning to wonder when they may be put out of work by advanced AI.

What are workers to do in the not so distant future?  I see entrepreneurship as being the most promising way forward during these coming years of economic disruption.  Find a skill you can work into a home business idea and work to monetize it.  With skill, imagination and creativity, independently minded entrepreneurs will be able to create their own home businesses and secure their financial futures.

In my line of business I like to focus on tools that entrepreneurs and online marketers will find helpful in their lines of business.  One of these tools is the Power Lead System which offers customizable sales funnels and affiliate marketing training that both newbie marketers and seasoned professionals alike will find helpful.  Plus they have an affiliate marketing compensation plan that is truly second to none.  Check it out using the link below and enjoy a 7 Day Free Trial of the Power Lead System.  It’s the main tool in my arsenal to both survive and thrive during the coming disruption of Industry 4.0.

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