“When You Change The Way You Look At Things…”

“When You Change The Way You Look At Things…”

Your Reality Is Greatly Influenced By Your Perspective Of “Reality.”  Is Your Perspective Accurate? 

Wayne Dyer once famously said, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”  And when you think about it, there really is a lot of truth in this observation.

Our perception and inner attitudes do end up creating much of our “reality.”  If you think you are already defeated, then you will most likely not succeed.  But, if you look upon challenges as opportunities to grow, then you stand of good chance of working things out and finding success in your life.  It all depends on how we see things.

One radical example of this principle was given to me in the life of my parents.  I remember when growing up how my folks used to talk about how much they were looking forward to being in their “second childhood” when they got older.  It seems strange to me now looking back, but both my mom and dad seemed to be making plans for going senile.  In fairness, senility ran in my mother’s side of the family, so I can understand where the concern came from.  But my parents did not believe in actually trying to do anything to avoid senility.  Instead they accepted it as a given that once they reached a certain age, they would begin to lose it.  And, that is exactly what happened.  My dad started suffering from dementia about 8 years ago, and my mother showed the signs of Alzheimer’s Disease around the same time.  We spent a lot of time going to doctors to find out if there were any treatments or life style changes we could implement to fight the disease.  We found a few, but in the end both my parents decided to let the disease run it’s course without making any life style changes to fight it.  We lost mom two years ago, and dad is in a care center after we were no longer able to care for him at home.  Happily he is at peace with the result and is enjoying a good quality of life under the circumstances.  But, as a person with the same genes, it is not the way I am planning to go.

Where as my parent’s point of view was to welcome dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease with open arms, I am planning to fight it every step of the way.  Knowing that dementia can be caused by poor blood circulation caused by poor diet and lack of exercise, I’ve started on a diet plan with the goal of losing 75 pounds.  I’ve lost 25 as of this writing and I am still pushing on.  I also keep up with research on ways of preventing or slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease.  I pay attention to the use of spices in my food that help to detox the body of heavy metals that are believed to have an influence on Alzheimer’s.  I also take time to meditate on a daily basis.  And, even though I am aware that Alzheimer’s Disease might still get me by the time I turn 80, I am not accepting it as an inevitable outcome.  I’ve lived to see some friends and teachers and even family members live to a ripe old age keeping their minds and wits about them.  They are the people I now focus on in my daily life.  It is their example that provide my daily inspiration.  Over the years I have changed the way I look at dementia and Alzheimer’s; and the change in view is changing my life actions.

There are other examples of this principle in the world of business.  There are those people who become convinced that they will never succeed in business.  They view the financial game as being rigged to the point where they can never succeed.  And, with that attitude, success will never be found.  Contrast that view with those who work their way up out of financial difficulty and find success, even going against the odds in achieving it.  “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”  The impossible becomes possible and miracles can be achieved.   It’s all a matter of perspective.

How do you view your life?  Do you see yourself as always being the victim who will never succeed because of others?  Or do you look upon life with hope, knowing there will be difficulties, but also knowing you can eventually find creative ways around them?  By shifting your perspective, you can create a new brighter future for yourself.  Don’t accept misery and poverty as your fate.  Find what you can do to change your life, and then take action.  Change the way you look at things, and let the world around you be changed for the better!


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  1. Greetings: You might already know this that to detox heavy metals you can use zeolite clay, Spirulina & Chlorella. If you would like to see my notes on this let me know. Best wishes. I too do my best to free people of misconceptions & add to ways to increase health using natural means. Love & Light

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